Welcome to the Club in 360 - XOVR
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Welcome to the Club in 360

XOVR Welcome to the Club 360 Garanti Emeklilik

Welcome to the Club in 360

This is another one of our earliest projects. We participated in the hobby club of an insurance company and shot 5 different activities, including a city tour of Istanbul, a cooking class, a sailing club, a yoga class, and tango dancing class. We used Beast in all our shoots. Some scenes required additional lighting. The dancing class required additional ambient lighting, while in the cooking scene we used small LED lights to light faces. Using the Beast camera system was an advantage in these kinds of situations because we have a  secure space under the camera to hide additional lights. We shot mono (2D) because the videos would only be available on the internet.

In between the scenes of the hobbies and during the opening scene we added 360 animations. This fit well with the footage and added more energy to the video. It was a pleasure to work with Garanti, and a pleasure to attend their hobby programs.

Client: Garanti Emeklilik

Deliverables: 360 videos for Youtube and Facebook

Timeline: Spring 2016