'Ebola Virus Disease: A Global Health Challenge'. - XOVR
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‘Ebola Virus Disease: A Global Health Challenge’.

‘Ebola Virus Disease: A Global Health Challenge’.

This is an international collaboration  between the Tbilisi Institute of Global Health and XOVR on VR-based training course on global health.

We have made a VR prototype in 8 months. The idea of the program is to educate doctors and global health students.

Global health training benefit from full immersion in an interactive virtual setting. With this application, we provide the opportunity to place global health students directly into “field trips”, for example at the sites of infectious disease outbreaks or in refugee camps without actually leaving the classroom. This can help students gain practical skills by performing various tasks in real-life scenarios.

In this prototype we accopmplished interactive parts, 3D modelling, simulations, 360 videos and tests.

In the shooting part; we’re interested in higher resolutions especially when we work on a long term VR projects like this. We like to push as far forward as we can knowing that we would need to be there eventually anyway. After some research we decided to use Kandao Obsidian 360 camera for this project. It has a great image quality with high dynamic range and easy to set up. There are different workflow options for post which means you dont need to use only the Kandao software.
The camera itself has a nice simple design.Overall, it was a solid choice for us.

First part of the project has been finished by March2019. Now attending some health&tech conferences in all over the world.

You can find more infos about our project from http://iiogh.org/vr.html

Client:  Tbilisi Institute of Global Health

Agency: XOVR

Deliverables: TV Spot / 360 Video for Samsung Gear VR and Web