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XOVR Script Writing

Script Writing

Not only are we a VR Production Studio, we also participate in the creative process for the projects.


We collaborate with scriptwriters and new media storytellers who are very experienced in Virtual Reality.


VR films require new mise-en-scene techniques aside from the traditional cinematic storylines. We help you find the right way to reach your audiences.

360 Video Production

Virtual Reality is the newest and one of the most powerful ways to enjoy audiovisual experiences. It completely immerses the audience in the creates environments and characters. It is a form of teleportation that takes you away from your immediate reality.


We create VR films and content according to your target. We develop and film projects in partnership with our clients using the most innovative and professional techniques in every stage of production.


Our cinematographers use different types of specialized rigs and camera techniques to produce the video.

XOVR Robotic Remote Controlled Camera System
XOVR Beast

Beast (our custom designed stereoscopic 360) has 16 cameras, operating in unison. When we shoot 360 degree videos, we are able to allocate one camera per eye and produce a 3D VIEW.


We built and designed our rigs for the best possible result.


Our robotic remote controlled camera system has the best results for the moving shots.


We also use drones and some other camera types depending on the project.

360 Post Production

Beside traditional post production process and principal techniques of 360 post production, every single project carries its own challenges.


To create an immersive VR experience, our post producers find individual solutions with innovative and creative workflows by using the latest professional software packages for stitching, editing, colorizing and VFX.

XOVR 360 Post Production


CG (computer generated) content is highly recommended for more interactive VR experiences. 360 degree videos built with CG elements offer a more playful and hyper-realistic atmosphere to your audience, especially if you want to transform your audience into participants!

3D Sound

As one of the most important elements, 3D sound is truly more effective than non-directional sound for VR. It creates a more natural experience and provides the audience with a true sense of presence.

We capture sounds using ambisonic microphones. Our sound engineers then design a 3D audio atmosphere to be optimally compatible  with the visual world of the VR experience.

XOVR 3D Sound
XOVR Live Streaming 360

Live Streaming 360

XOVR provide live-streaming 360° video production.  You can be live on Facebook and Youtube or any other platforms which support 360° live content. You can share your event-based 360° video content with your audience such as concerts, news, sports competitions, meetings etc.


Using virtual reality is a really effective way to experience live events. Because of the fact that you manipulate perception of your real space, you are able to experience it as if you were there. Don’t let anyone miss your events.


There are so many different platforms in VR for distribution. When we talk to our clients usually our first question is ‘How would you like to show this to your audience?’  Based on their answer we give them guidance on the options available and approach the project in the right way. Some 360 videos are released on social media such as Facebook and YouTube, while some are distributed through Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift for some special events and screenings.


360 content can also be distributed tidily to your audiences using a VR App. In this way, anybody can download or stream the video by using their own phone.

XOVR Applications
XOVR Vestel Application

We can build and design user-friendly VR Apps that show your content at its optimal resolutions and quality which are also connected with platforms that support VR content.


Our software developers create user-friendly and best available solutions for the market. They work together with our 3D designers when the project starts (so we do not waste time in the production period), focus on optimal resolutions and best quality available for targeted devices. Finally we adapt our VR contents to the branded applications.